We help you to raise more money

Our objective is to make your Event an enjoyable experience for Fundraisers, Donors and the organising committee.  We remove as many of the technical challenges as possible to ensure a successful outcome for all converned.

We provide a range of professional services and IT modules tailor made to streamline and simplify otherwise complex areas of large scale fundraising projects.   

These modules have been proven to increase the amount raised for event organisers including the easy onboarding to retention of fundraisers.

From concept to event wrap-up – all areas are covered.

Project Management

Design & Setup Module

Online Marketing Module

Registration Module

FRM / Communications module

Detailed KPI & Analytic Solutions Module

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Software Development
Cyber Security
Artificial Intelligence
Web Development

Our Pricing Plan


Participant Registration


  • Configure Platform
  • Registration module
  • Welcome Emails
  • Motivational Emails
  • Phone Support

Merchandise Management


  • *includes Silver Package
  • Develop CRM system
  • Manage CRM system
  • Provide Updates to Fulfillment
  • Monitor Stock Levels

Full Package


  • *includes Gold Package
  • Design Event Graphics
  • Design Platform Template
  • Advertising Mangement
  • Participant Recruitment Module
  • Fundraiser Communications Module
  • Company Pages
  • VIP Page configuration
  • Full Daily/Weekly reportng